Tell us about yourself here!

Name: Crystal Hikara
Age: 21
Position: Challenge Leader
Comic(s): Enigmatic Star (Pokemon fancomic) / Chaos Overdrive (original comic)
Why you joined MM!: I CREATED MM! because I know I was tired of doing minimal amounts of pages and not getting anywhere in my work. SO! I created this challenge to force myself to do some pages and get used to doing quite a bit of work in a short amount of time.
2 sentences about yourself: I'm a big geek, particularly about Pokemon and music. I love animals, and ultimately I hope that my simplified-realism style will be able to get me a contract with a publishing company with one of my original stories.

Name: Czar Squid
Position: Challenge Co-Leader
Comics: Zain / Wibble
Why you joined MM!:I have too much free time, and wish to participate in one of Smack Jeeves historical moments for a tradition.
2 sentences about yourself: I like doing comics as a hobby, love original Nintendo games, and going to college to become a Computer Program. I also like pudding.

Name:Edgar!(the Alien)
Age:like fifteen or something
Position: Participant
Comic(s):Pirate Cthulhu Comics
Why you joined MM!:I plan to major in masochism at college
2 sentences about yourself:Spawned in a hole known as the state of Virginia, I have had a love for comics since I was like seven or something. Also I like ska

Age: somewhere in the 20's
Position: Participant
Comic(s):the ASKARI
Why you joined MM!:This was a great chance for me to hurtle over the challenge of keeping this comic in hiatus throughout its life span of 2 years.
2 sentences about yourself:I study animals. I squeeze out art for fun.

Age:17, already.
Position: Participant
Why you joined MM!:Sounds like a challenge, plus i'll try to do my best Not to use the tablet for this!
2 sentences about yourself:I have a lovely hat. My biggest enemy in the world are the Butterflies, i'll explain why later.

Name: clorinspats
Age: 16
Position: Participant
Comic(s): Bonny and Kyle
Why you joined MM!: I finally got back to doing comics again and I need a reason to work on them.
2 sentences about yourself: I actually have more comics but BK is the only active one right now. Also, I have tiny elf hands.

Name: Grivoiserie
Age: fullylegal
Position: Participant
Comic(s): Dual Order, Nondescript & Gertrude
Why you joined MM!: I need the motivation to prod me on drawing something that pushes my boundaries. I'm lazy, and as much as I enjoy creating, I never finish anything I start. This will also let me know, what I'm capable of. Sort of like a test run, since I'm still an amateur in the sequential art dept.
2 sentences about yourself: I'm a "go with the flow" kind of person, who enjoys all-nighters, and random outbursts of hilariousness. I plan on surviving March Madness through extensive coffee drinking and drowning my ears in melodious music.

Name: Subterfuge
Age: 16
Position: Participant
Comic(s): Lifeforce Restless (Original Manga) :: Encounter OZ (Fan Manga, SSBB/Wizard of OZ parody, MM)
Why you joined MM!: Because I'd probably never get a comic off the ground without it.
2 3(and a half?) sentences about yourself: I draw things. Jack-of-all trades yet master of none. Oh wait, that wasn't a sentence. My bad.

Name: FabulousFox
Position: Participant
Comic(s): The City is at War / P.O.O.P.
Why you joined MM!: I desperately need some sort of motivation to get off my lazy bum and get started~
2 sentences about yourself: My hobbies include being fabulous and punching babies. CannibalisticKiwi is my BROTHERLADY~~

Position: Participant
Comic(s):Jack of All Trades
Why you joined MM!:I wanted an excellent challenge!!
2 sentences about yourself:I'm a somewhat bored teen that needed a good challenge to keep me busy XD I like to draw and learn history, I know it seems random but hey that's me lol XD

Position: Participant
Comic(s):Grey's Journey
Why you joined MM!:I joined because I wanted to challenge myself to see if I can work hard at something and stick to it till the end. I'm usually the type of person to start something, work really hard at it and quit just before it's finished because I get lazy. I want to break my streak of never working hard at something and I thought my comic was the best way to try and break that habit ^_^ The challenge would also be a great way to try and get readers for my comic! Wewt! I like encouragement!
2 sentences about yourself:I love my pet rat, I"m obsessed with vampires and I hate the sunlight. Um...I like dragons too ^.=.^

Name: Wispus
Age: 15 (going on 16 this month)
Position: Participant
Comic(s): Checkmate
Why you joined MM!: Well, originally, I joined because I felt bad that no one else was joining (at the time like 3 people have jumped on this bandwagon). Now, I'm glad that I joined, because I can finish my comic's prologue a LOT faster.
2 sentences about yourself: I don't really like manga or anime. You're probably too sensitive if you were offended by that.

Position: Participant
Comic(s):Limited Edition
Why you joined MM!:Well, I've become little lazy with my comic and spent almost an year with one chapter so I thought that now is good time to try to catch my aims. And I also joined because this sounded so mad!! 8D
2 sentences about yourself:Ummmm, I like mangarins, video games, music and of course drawing comics. And if I'm able to finish this, I will also start drawing another comic!! Woo!

Name: DanaBoBana
Age: 25
Position: Participant
Comic(s): On the Bright Side
Why you joined MM!: I joined because I really wanted to get my story moving along, and I hope this little competition will help to motivate me! :D
2 sentences about yourself: I'm a graphic arts student who loves anime and drawing comics. I also love video games, j-pop music and orange juice ;D

Name:Seren Lumiere
Position: Participant
Comic(s):Arcues Illusion(Pokemon Fancomic)
Why you joined MM!:I needed some motivation to make some pages, this is the perfect wat to do it! :D
2 sentences about yourself: I like Pokemon. And cookies :3

Name: Cartoon
Position: Participant
Comic(s): Anti-Fun
Why you joined MM!:'CAUSE I NEEDAH GET PAGES OUT! O___________________________O
2 sentences about yourself:I am a surrealist I like abstract art and comic art. I am hoping to start The Depression Project when I develop a satisfyng style. ;DD

Name: Dreamer Bond
Age: 16
Position: Participant
Comic(s):Spirit Bond
Why you joined MM!: I joined because I want to CONQUER ALL WEAKNESS!!! Nah, I just want to see if I can do it, and hopefully get my comic's name out there.
2 sentences about yourself: I'm a geeky girl known at school for being quiet and for my pencil drawing abilities. I like fantasy, icecream, and am attracted to guys in video games.

Name: Psycho Syl
Age: 15
Position: Participant
Comic(s): Whatever You Mean To Me, Character Seconds
Why you joined MM!: I've been trying to get back into drawing comics, and this seemed like a good way to go about it.
2 sentences about yourself: I'm always listening to music and using song quotes in every day speech. I'm far better at writing stories than drawing comics, and yet I still try.

Name: Lepidoptera
Age: 13
Position: Participant
Comic(s): Letters from Elizabeth
Why you joined MM!: I am so, so bad about stopping comics two pages in, and this seemed like a nice way to go about really getting into the comic. My theory is that once I'm thirty-whatever pages into the story, THERE'S NO BACKING OUT.
2 sentences about yourself: I'm that one dorky girl in my grade who has musical soundtracks on her iPod and doodles weird stuff on every piece of paper available. I am possibly unhealthily attracted to drawing suits.

Name: Thriller Man
Age: 22
Position: Participant
Comic(s): The Legend of Mushroom Kingdom
Why you joined MM!: My friend, Molly-sama, told me about this earlier, and after reading the rules and whatnot, it just seemed very interesting. And so, here I am. It's as simple as that, really. I mean, after all, why not?
2 sentences about yourself: The Nintendo franchise is probably my favorite video game franchise of all time, particularly Mario and Zelda (Hence, my webcomic... lol). Also, if I so much as hear Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, the Isley Brothers or anything that may be affiliated to smooth R&B or Soul, I'll tear the dancefloor up. SHAZAM!!

Age: 25
Position: Participant
Comic(s):Scrapped Project
Why you joined MM!: Because it looked like fun, I'm looking for my muse, and this looks like a fun way to find it.
2 sentences about yourself: I'm a print shop tech with a pechant for doodling all over the scrap paper that gets pulled out of the gagging machines whilst listening to jazz on my phone because the shop radio is stuck on a station that only knows how to play 3 songs and submit inane commentary. I like robots and cake.

Age: 17
Position: Participant
Comic(s):Mosama's Kid Friendly Comic of Appropriateness
Why you joined MM!: To make comics while obeying some censorship rules, instead of just doing w/e i want as usual. Which, mind you, is quite horrific.
2 sentences about yourself: Its going to be a real challenge for me to stay kid friendly and age appropriate considering all of the unholy madness that i usually draw. Watch and laugh at me as i go from smackjeeves biggest disgrace of an abomination to a kid friendly CARTOONIST!

Age: 16
Position: Participant
Why you joined MM!: I like to push myself, and I like to improve, this will push me and help me with my comicing.
2 sentences about yourself: I'm a novice in terms of comics, with a measly 64 pages under my belt. I'm pretty easygoing.

Position: Participant
Comic(s):Mosaic Overdose
If Angels Prevailed
Why you joined MM!: Well, I needed to update like crazy, and this'll get me to do it. I really need to catch up as well as have some fun with the breakneck speed I need to be going in.
2 sentences about yourself: I'm a total nerd dating a total nerd and is friends with total nerds while making comics for fantasy nerds, including myself. I have a thing for urban and ancient myth, key necklaces, and constantly trying to make my art prettier to the point of near exhaustion without judging whether or not it's working.

Name:Le Mishie
Position: Participant
Comic(s):Final Cross / Endearment
Why you joined MM!:I really need something to motivate/pressure me to update more often and just trying to catch up the schedule I set. And of course, the whole Madness challenge thing sounds fun so why not? :]
2 sentences about yourself:I'm a lolicon fan, more or less. And it would be my dream job to be an H-mangaka. -shrugs-

Position: Participant
Comic(s):Mokepon, Brightside
Why you joined MM!: Because I'm stupid and self loathing. Has to be. Or maybe I'm just craaaazy and optimistic 8D ... No the former.
2 sentences about yourself:I've already spent three minutes sat here trying to think of something witty. Nothing's arrived.

Position: Participant
Why you joined MM!:TO MAKE MYSELF NOT LAZY *sobs* and to get the storyline going
2 sentences about yourself:I'm bitterly sarcastic in an obnoxiously amusing way. I also thrive on drawing crazy people, blood and that stuff that makes you question my level of sanity.

Position: Participant
Comic(s):Strand of Fate: Second Bane
Why you joined MM!:I wanted to see if I can actually complete a full comic and to get into the habit of finishing the stories I have hiding in my head.
2 sentences about yourself:I'm laidback but I'm of the perfectionist type.I'm a heavy RPGer and I prefer listening to game soundtracks when I'm drawing(anything else and I find myself at a dead end).

Position: Participant
Comic(s):Peanut Butter Pancakes
Why you joined MM!:I want to try to actually update everyday. It is exciting to think that I could, and I'm selfish and want more people to look at my comic. Also, I'm procrastinating my homework this way.
2 sentences about yourself:I draw almost constantly, but I always miss updates for PBP. I like pancakes, and peanut butter.

Comic(s):The island of TOE...
Why you joined MM!:Well...i just wanted to show what i could do..and i also wanted to become known to more people...well i hope i get to draw better for u guys!!
2 sentences about yourself:Well i like to write,working on my first book,i like cantaloupes,I'm no allergic to anything,i hate big birthday parties.'The Simpson's Movie' came out in theaters on my b-day,i don't have a lot of friends,enjoy making people laugh and say how talented i am,(it also took me 80 times to make this thing just right..kept on messing up).

Age: 18
Position: Participant
Comic(s): White Noise
Why you joined MM!: Because I wanna get some pages done! (and I have free time lol *is shallow*)
2 sentences about yourself: I love characters and playing with them, I think characters are what makes a comic good or bad. And... I'm Asian.

Name: Raikana
Age: 24
Position: Participant
Comic(s): None yet.
Why you joined MM!: To get practice making the funnies regularly.
2 sentences about yourself:I have way more characters and stories than I know what to do with, most of them based on various RPs. My serious comic will be a Naruto fancomic with stupid filler inbetween times to fill up space.

Name: heigei
Age: 18 - old enough to drink and drive
Position: Participant
Comic(s): My Zombie Life and Harry Potter and the Seven Crossovers
Why you joined MM!: Ierno, seems like fun I guess :D plus, I totally failed at NANO so I thought I would give this a shot instead
2 sentences about yourself: I procrastinate alot. I like coca cola.

Name: Captain Ghost
Age: 19
Position: Participant
Comic(s): The Legend of Zelda: Maiden of the Moon / Ghost's Tale: A Crossover / The PokeMorph Generation
Why you joined MM!: I am a terrible procrastinator. Something like this =/= tolerance for procrastination, yes?
2 sentences about yourself: I am Canadian. I play hockey. Yay<3

Position: Participant
Why you joined MM!:
2 sentences about yourself:

Position: Participant
Why you joined MM!:
2 sentences about yourself:

Position: Participant
Why you joined MM!:
2 sentences about yourself:

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