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Crystal (Crystal Hikara)
Crystal is the challenge leader of MARCH MADNESS!. She is 21 and tends to have a crazy job and procrastination problems, hence her intense fire to get this project on the road! If you have any questions concerning the challenge, such as specific rules, please don't be afraid to contact her.

Crystal's Deviantart (note is most effective) | Smackjeeves Profile
For email/AIM, please note via SJ asking for it first. Because Crystal is a wuss and often times gets scared outta her tree when random people IM her.

Czar Squid is the co-leader of MARCH MADNESS! A mysterious but passive creature whom looms around the Smack Jeeves website. This Squid has taken interest into help take care of the technical parts of the challenge, such as getting the News Posts updated and CSS help. Don't be afraid to contact him either. Forewarning: Responses may be wet on arrival.
Profile Link: Czar Squid

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